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5543-6002 has offered to help celebrate fuckyeahtohoshinki’s 14,000 followers with a giveaway of pre-owned DBSK merchandise! All items are still in great condition, like that of when she got them.


  • Don’t delete the text on the post. (Make use of xkit “reblog as text” extension if needed.)
  • NO giveaway blogs!
  • Likes don’t count but can be used to keep track of the post.
  • Please don’t follow just because of the giveaway & unfollow after it ends.
  • Open Worldwide!
  • The winner will be messaged privately & given 48 hours to respond. 
  • Giveaway time frame: Sept. 1st till Oct. 31st!
  • Hug (Single)
  • SMAG Nov. 2007 (DBSK on cover plus Changmin and Yoochun spreads)
  • 2 DBSK rubber wristbands (One red, one white)
  • Official Memory Card Game Set
  • 2009 Wall Calendar
  • random stickers and pictures (pictures include ones from their Photos of the Month series - unsure of which month)


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Bokura no Ongaku

If we knew what TVXQ was thinking...
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at first I ヽ(#`Д´)ノ but then I (*^-^*)

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